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01 "Tim's Place II" By Dave Snyder

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By Dave Snyder. Size: 22" x 28". Signed Limited Edition of 100 Lithograph on Fine Art Paper. Also available in an edition of 10 Giclee on Archival Canvas. Free shipping on the canvas. In 1971 Tim went with his father to the local Dodge dealership to pick out the family car. They went home with a 1971 Dodge Charger RT powered by a 426 Hemi. Tim picked Pam up for their first date driving a 1969 Dodge Daytona. Fast forward a few years - both cars are still in the collection of the Wellborn Muscle Car Museum! That prized collection opened to the public in 2009. When David Snyder created the first painting of the museum it was a concept. "Tim's Place II" shows the reality. That's Tim racing his friend Phil past the museum and the Alabama State Trooper gets ready to spring the trap.